New Year’s Aim for 2013!


Alhamdulillah…. !

We almost reach the end of year 2012 full of ups and downs, memorable memories and experiences, not to mention memorable achievements and change that all of us have made in this year.

Congratulations for all the achievements. You’ve earned it!

And in a few days, we’ll be celebrating 2013. (Alhamdulillah, escaped the so-called doomsday.. haha)

Some might argue that this is Gregorian Calender’s new year, not the Hijri Calender. So, why the big fuss? Well, it may be a Gregorian Calender, but what I’m trying to write about today is about doing it the Islamic way by putting new aims and targets (Azam) , and all of us know, new year celebration always have special relationship with new aims and targets for the upcoming year.

Characteristics of ‘Azam’

Before we want to put something into a category, we have to know what makes it up. For ‘Azam’, we have FOUR characteristics.

  1. Practical – It is something that you do with you physical.
  2. To be done in the future – ‘Azam’ is quite similar to ‘niat’, but unlike niat, it is something that you hold for certain time to be done in the future.
  3. Capable of doing it – It means, it has to be logical and achievable. Dreaming of going to the sky would not make that an ‘azam’. Only Ayah Pin does that (lol).
  4. Compliance to the syariah – Any aims or ‘azam’ that is against the syariah does not stand within this category.

So, upon fulfilling these characteristics, then you will have your new aims and intentions.

The ‘Hukum’ of Azam.

Yup, in Islam we have its hukum, and there are THREE of them.

  1. Harus – For this one, if you want to do it, go ahead. If you don’t want to do it, then that’s fine. Examples are, you want to have a new car, a new home, or you want to make some renovations in your house. It’s optional kind of thing.
  2. Sunnat – This is like for any ‘azam’ that has to do with visiting. For example, you planned to perform Umra in next February or planning to go back to your home town to enhance your silaturrahim with your family members. You get extra credit for this.
  3. Wajib – Well, this one is an ‘azam’ that has to do with self – improvement. For example, you put an aim to yourself that you want to make sure you pray 5 times a day, knowing that you’ve been missing lots of ‘em in past years. Or you put an aim to yourself to stop smoking for the upcoming year. Any self – improvement would do.

So, these are the THREE hukum of ‘Azam’. Well you might ask, “Aren’t there any Haram Azam?” Well, it wouldn’t be called an ‘azam’ in the first place, if it was Haram, wouldn’t it? Back to the characteristics of ‘Azam’ that I’ve described earlier.

What do I get for making new ‘Azam’???

Yes sir, that’s a good question!

Allah will give you privilege for that. By making an ‘azam’, especially the once in the sunnat and wajib category, Allah will give you FOUR privileges that no Bonuslink card, Real Rewards card or Mesra Card or even  MyKad could ever provide you. The FOUR privileges are…

  1. Allah will give you strength to make it happen.
  2. Allah will make the route to achieve your ‘azam’ easier.
  3. You will receive Barakah from Allah for what you have ‘azam’ for; and (the next one is my favourite privilege.)
  4. Allah will give rewards or ‘ajr’ (pahala) earlier than He should – What it means here, even though you have not commit what you have ‘azam’ for, Allah already start rewarding you for your remarkable intentions of improving yourself, etc

All things have been done, you just have to know…

“ Whether our ‘azam’ is achieved or failed, Allah is the One who decides.”

Pray hard and work hard, with His permission, you will be there. For if you’re not there, have faith that Allah knows what’s best for you. As Allah has said it real clear in this verse..

 “And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah is most surely with the doers of good.”

(Al – ankabut 29:69)

Happy New Year!

Let’s rock 2013 with the light of this Deen of Islam!

Izzat Roslan
Psychology, University of Adelaide


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